A Short Guide to Hammers and Mallets


Hammers and mallets are a must-have for every toolbox. Many of us classify hammers and mallets just as common tools but there are so many different types of them which can make it a bit hard to understand which one is actually the best fit for your project. Choosing the right type of hammer or mallet for the job can really make the difference, and this is why we would like to help you orientating by giving you a little introduction of the main hammers and mallets we offer here on HYRAX Shop


German Type Hammer
The German type hammer is a bench hammer often used by mechanics and to perform other workshop duties. This is the tool that most of us would think about when we talk about hammers and it is normally composed of a solid metal head and a simple wooden handle. This type of hammer is the perfect choice for heavy uses thanks to the quenched steel peen end which makes it very resistant and perfect to shape metals and other hard materials.  The ash wooden handle transmits less vibrations to the user guaranteeing a precise job and a comfortable workflow.  Available in 10 sizes: gramm 100 - 200 - 300 - 400 - 500 - 600 - 800 - 1000  - 1500 - 2000.  

Soft Face Mallet

Soft face mallets are generally used to hit more delicate surfaces without leaving marks on the parts. In fact, their faces are usually made of materials like polyurethane or rubber which won’t cause any damage to the object. The name of this type of mallet could be misleading: although we are talking about softer materials than metal, the faces of this mallet are made of polyurethane which has a 98 Shore A hardness and it is harder than other plastic materials. Thanks to this, the soft face mallets can be used to strike parts with a great force. Another important feature of the soft face mallet is the possibility of changing the faces which can always give the tool an extra life in case of extensive use. Available in 6 sizes: diameter 22 - 28 - 35 - 42 - 50 - 60

Non-Rebound Mallet

Non-rebound mallets combine the gentle touch of soft face mallets with another very important feature: in fact, the head of these special mallets is filled with steel shots which have a significant role in reducing the rebound. The body of non-rebound mallets can be made of steel, wood or solid polymers and they are perfect for a great and controlled striking force. In case of our steel Non-rebound Mallet HYRAX, the handle is covered with an ergonomic rubber grip and thanks to the interchangeable faces, we can even extend the lifespan of our favourite tool . Available in 5 sizes: diameter 30 - 35 - 40 - 50 - 60.

Whole Rubber Mallet

The whole rubber mallets are the lightest striking tool we offer in our assortment. They are made of a metal core covered by a special rubber which won’t leave any mark on the surface and will help to reduce the potential damage on the workpiece, guaranteeing a clean work. Thanks to the soft rubber (80 +/-5 Shore A), these kind of mallets are projected for light duties which makes them the perfect solution for tilers, furniture-assemblers, and do it yourself in general.  Available in two sizes and three colors: 0,5 kg and 1 kg - white, black and blue. 

As you can see, each hammer and mallet has specific features and that is why picking the right one will influence the outcome of your work. Here at HYRAX Shop we are constantly working on new solutions aimed to achieve our customers’ best result. If you would need further help finding the best tool for your project please do not hesitate to contact us!


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