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Pica Germany’s practice-oriented solutions in the field of marking tools have revolutionized the industry. This company - with decades of experience behind its back - is offering modernized professional marking tools that will not just make the work easier but that are lasting longer than a classic marker or pencil.

In the following blog articles, we’ll give you a short introduction to the most popular and innovative Pica tools. With this, we hope you will find your new favourite marker that makes your job easier every single day.

Today we brought you the famous Deep Hole Marker: Pica-Ink

The Pica-Ink Deep Hole Marker is one of the first and most popular inventions of Pica-Marker. This marker, in fact, has been copied by several brands, several times but non of the copies managed to outdo what the original Deep Hole Marker is capable of. 

This Deep Hole Marker, thanks to the thin nib, makes it easy to get close to hard-to-reach places like a deep hole and helps to make a precise marking along a lever or a gauge. 

A really common problem with these types of markers is that the nib dries out and you end up throwing away the marker before you would have used up all the ink inside. Pica-Ink is already marking up until 14 hours uncapped but in order to prolong the lifespan of these markers, Pica Germany has invented the removable and turnable nib. Thanks to this feature, when you see that your marker is not marking good anymore you can just do the following:

  1. Pull back the stainless steel telescopic tip around the fibre nib 
  2. Take out the nib with pincers and turn it 180° 
  3. Insert it back again and move the telescopic tip forward. 

With this method, you can immediately use your marker like it is new, while the other side is getting recharged with ink inside the marker. This practice can be performed around 7 times, giving your marker a new life each and every time. 

Thanks to another patented feature of this deep hole marker, the marking nib can be extended from 2 mm up until 7 mm by moving the stainless steel telescopic tip backwards. Like this, you can get a 3 times larger marking surface which is really helpful when marking in tight places. 

Summary of the main features of Pica-Ink Deep Hole Marker:  

  • Diameter of tip: 1,5 mm
  • Marks almost any kind of dry surfaces
  • Works up to 14 hours uncapped
  • Quiver cap with special, reinforced clip for a perfect one-handed handling
  • Permanent alcohol-based ink is removable from shiny surfaces with alcohol or other usable solvents
  • Extended tip made of stainless steel – self-adjusting and patented
  • Up to 3 times more marking capacity by using full 7 mm of the fibre nib’s length
  • Nib can be twisted several times by 180° for extended service life

The Pica-Ink Deep Hole Marker is available in red, blue and black colours.
Perfect marking on: tiles and ceramic, glass, plastic, worked timer and laminate, metal
Good marking on: leather, stone and concrete
Satisfactory marking on: Dry lumber, dry tire and rubber 

Have a look at this video and discover all the features of the Pica-Ink and see how to switch the nib and give your marker another life. 

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