Our Story 

Hyrax has been born from Luca Gennasi Industrial Components which has always been treating high quality products, such as toggle clamps, wheels and castors for more than 20 years. By putting the business online more lines have been added to the original assortment in order to satisfy a wider range of customers. This selection of tools which we offer in our shop have been meticulously picked and tested by us to be up to the high standards that we represent.    

Our Values

  • High quality - we only sell high quality and high performance European products that have been proved to be up to our standards. 
  • High competence - we are capable and hard working professionals who always desire to reach the best result for our customers.
  • High attitude - our goal is to give nothing but the perfect solution to our customers and always assist them with a smile. 

Our product lines

Toggle Clamps 

We have been treating Italian-made toggle clamps for more than 20 years and during this time the clamps we offer here on HYRAX Shop have been proved to be top quality and extremely reliable. In our webstore we are introducing the whole assortment of the brand such as vertical, horizontal, latch, quick, straight-line action, long life, rotational and pneumatic series as well as their accessories. 


Pica Marking Tools 

As soon as we tried this German brand we were convinced to add them to our store. These automatic pens and markers are the perfect companion for any professional of high standard who have to mark anything during their work. The surface can be wet, dry, shiny; glass, wood, tiles, concrete, steel, rubber; freezing cold or 1000°C  - in the assortment of Pica you can find the right marking tool for every situation. In our store we present the whole assortment of the brand from the Classic though the Innovative Line until all the needed refills and accessories that Pica has to offer. 



Mallets and Hammers 

This line takes an important part in our assortment as it includes some of our own branded tools as well. We are really proud of our Italian-made Non-rebound Mallet HYRAX as it is a resistant and reliable tool which competes with the similar top-notch items in its category. The other items in our assortment such as the Soft-face mallets, the German type hammers and the whole rubber mallets are all suggested for professionals and for home use as well. Spare parts, such as handles and plastic inserts are also available in our store. 


Scissors and Pliers 

In this line we offer a variety of scissors for home use until the top level electrician tools. Our scissors for electricians are all coming with an ergonomic, bi-material handle, sharp micro-teeth blade and an internal stainless-steel body for the maximum security. The scissors are available with straight blades and also with the cable-cutting groove. All electrician scissors can be purchased with or without their compatible holder which is also available in the store all times. 

Our assortment for pliers include four different types: Combination pliers, Straight Half-round nose pliers, Bent half-round nose pliers and Diagonal cutting nippers. All our pliers are coming with bi-material ergonomic handles and chrome-plated steel body. We suggest the tools for electricians but thanks to their general execution they can be used in various applications.